Responsible use of antibiotics

Our objective

The VanDrie Group is committed to the responsible use of antibiotics and its focus lies on combating resistance. The VanDrie Group is working to achieve challenging reduction objectives, but is sure to not lose sight of animal welfare as it does so. Sick animals must continue to be treated. In recent years, we have achieved a 58% reduction in antibiotic use. We take a range of steps to reduce antibiotic use in a responsible manner. 

Our methods

It is essential that we work well with the dairy farming sector. We purchase calves from dairy farms. The influx of healthy and vigorous calves ensures responsible antibiotic use at the veal farms. Healthy and vigorous calves have better immune systems and are less susceptible to disease. Actively combating (company-related) animal diseases should contribute to reducing the strain placed on the sector by sick animals. Examples include actively combating diseases such as IBR (Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis, also called cow flu) and BVD (Bovine Viral Diarrhoea). Developments in business management at individual farms also form an important contribution. One example of this is the installation of hygiene barriers. Visitors to the calf stalls are given different clothing to wear and are required to take hygienic measures to reduce the risk of diseases and viruses encroaching on the stall. 

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