VanDrie Group extends its operations into beef market

VanDrie Group to collaborate with Ameco cattle slaughterhouse

VanDrie Group has reached an agreement on collaboration with the Ameco cattle slaughterhouse in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands, which is owned by the Van Westreenen family. The two family-run businesses see great potential in combining both production chains. Ameco will continue to be run completely independently by its current management board, the Van Westreenen family. More and more buyers are asking for both luxury beef and veal products. This collaboration will help both parties to satisfy the current desires of the customer in the luxury meat segment. Among other things, Ameco will be able to utilise the global sales structure of the VanDrie Group. Furthermore, significant advantages can be realised through maximising the economic value of the by-products and the hides. Both Ameco and the VanDrie Group are family businesses with a similar business culture. Ameco has occupied a brand new building in Apeldoorn since October 2017. The business has an annual turnover of approximately 90 million euro. Ameco processes around 2,500 high-quality Dutch cattle each week. Its products are largely sold on the Dutch market. Ameco is a pioneer in terms of quality and animal welfare. For example, its new slaughterhouse is the first in the Netherlands to implement the ideas of the American zoologist and animal welfare activist Temple Grandin.   The VanDrie Group is the market leader in the field of veal, calf feed and calfskins. The business exports to more than sixty countries all over the world.  The collaboration agreement will now be presented to the Netherlands Authority for Consumers and Markets for approval. Both parties expect the ACM to grant permission. 

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