The VanDrie Group looking forward to opening of Chinese market

After years of negotiation, Dutch veal may soon be exported to China. An agreement to this end will be signed by the Dutch and Chinese authorities before the summer. This is an important result from last week’s trade mission to China by Prime Minister Rutte and Minister Schouten (of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality). Whether or not exports will actually be permitted does depend on entry checks and audits that have yet to take place, but which are expected to be completed in autumn of this year.

The VanDrie Group is looking forward to the announced opening of the Chinese market. The Dutch embassy in China, the Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality, the Netherlands Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority (NVWA) and the Dutch meat association (COV) have made considerable efforts to achieve this result. “Our company has worked to open up the Chinese market for years. We are grateful for the joint efforts; it means a lot to us and the Dutch veal farming sector in general,” says Henny Swinkels, Director Corporate Affairs VanDrie Group.  The VanDrie Group expects the opening of the Chinese market to contribute further to the valorisation of veal products. Swinkels explained, “Sales to China will be of interest as regards both by-products and regular veal products. With this agreement, we will only be permitted to start exporting boneless meat initially. However, it’s a start.”  The Chinese market has seen a rapid increase in meat consumption for years due to its growing prosperity. “Chinese consumers are interested in products that meet strict food safety requirements. Dutch veal and by-products meet all those requirements. Veal perfectly meets the demands and tastes of Chinese consumers,” says Henny Swinkels. 

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