Risk management: an integral part of the VanDrie Group’s policy

The VanDrie Group does business internationally, which entails certain risks. We regularly analyze the risks that can arise within our commercial chain. After all, risk management forms a core part of our policy. It determines how we anticipate risks, control processes and respond to opportunities, thereby ultimately guaranteeing the continuity of our organization.

The spread of animal diseases, for example, is a major operational risk. Outbreaks of serious animal diseases, such as foot-and-mouth disease, BSE and African swine fever, have a devastating effect on the livestock sector. We therefore do all that we can to monitor and minimize these risks as much as possible.  In the veal industry, a quality system has been set up to track imported calves throughout the transportation process: the Veal Calf Tracking Guarantee System (Garantiesysteem Tracering SKV Vleeskalveren, GTSKV). Tracking throughout all transport stages is vitally important, among other things, in the event of an outbreak of an infectious animal disease. GTSKV continually monitors the various developments in the EU member states. If it appears that there are risks in certain regions, channeling arrangements, or in extreme cases import bans, are announced.  The VanDrie Group has also adopted strict measures, following the outbreak of African Swine Fever in Belgium. Employees in slaughterhouses have been instructed not to bring home any foodstuffs from infected areas such as Romania and Bulgaria, where the swine fever virus has been active for some time. All forms of transport, both the animal and the goods trucks were specially cleaned and disinfected. 

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