Maximum value

The VanDrie Group is dedicated to maximising economic value. We stimulate reuse, utilise residual waste flows and combat food waste.

For our slaughterhouses, maximising economic value means that we use all parts of the calf, i.e. the meat, organs, manure, blood, skin and other by-products. Not much remains after all this. The little that is left over goes to a destructor and is converted into green electricity. In addition, we are constantly increasing the size of our sales markets so that all products are given a good position. The VanDrie Group continues to make developments in the area of value creation. For instance, ESA, one of our slaughterhouses, has implemented an innovative development in its production process. Immediately after cutting a calf’s throat, ESA collects a portion of the blood. It is then hygienically processed and serves as an important raw material for the pharmaceutical industry. Calf blood, when administered in the form of human medication, can help to improve the blood supply to the brain and the heart muscle. 

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