Focus on the chain: veal farming

The VanDrie Group views veal production as a craft, in which care and respect are important values. This starts with caring for the animals. Some 1,100 dedicated veal farmers take care of our veal calves. These veal farmers provide the foundation for a valuable end product. Animal welfare and safe food production are high priorities.

Peter and Jaap Kok are two veal farmers within the VanDrie Group. They explain: "Our daily challenge is to achieve the best possible result with the calves. The VanDrie Group helps us to do this. In addition, we use our own experience: smelling, seeing and feeling. We are very conscious of our role in society. We invest a great deal in sustainable energy, use green energy, have frequency converters on the fans and heat warm water with a biomass stove.

"When calves are brought to the company, the stall is heated using under-floor heating."

Transparency is important to Peter and Jaap. The veal farmers are affiliated with Vallei Boert Bewust. Vallei Boert Bewust is a Dutch regional company label connected to the Gelderse Vallei region. Affiliated farmers actively ensure that they interact with citizens of the Vallei area and are front runners in the area of sustainability. "We want to show what we do. Regular citizens are far removed from the agricultural sector, which is why we regularly organise open days and work shadowing days." 

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