Focus on the chain: slaughterhouses

The VanDrie Group has six slaughterhouses in its chain. In the Netherlands, there is T. Boer & zn, Ekro and ESA. Tendriade and Sobeval are our slaughterhouses in France. VanDrie België is active in Hasselt, Belgium.

All veal products we produce are supplied according to customer specifications. These can concern weight, colour or a certain cut of meat. The VanDrie Group therefore delivers a custom concept, at any time of day or night, around the world. Packaging, too, is performed as requested by the customer: boxes, foil and product information stickers are produced according to agreed specifications.  Richard Vonk, Operational Manager at ESA, has the following to say about his job. "We have one common goal at our slaughterhouse and that is to produce tasty, safe veal products that are tailored to our clients' wishes. This requires our team to do everything they can. Every day, we perform like top-level athletes. There are a good many challenges present within the slaughterhouse. How do you add value to all parts of a calf? Dutch consumers are very much uninterested in belly or stock limbs. However, these are popular products in Asia and the Middle East. We do everything we can to sell all parts of the calf on the market. In that way, we ensure value maximisation. Another challenge is the energy and water consumed in the production process. In the coming years, we want to put all our efforts into limiting this aspect."

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