Exclusive! VanDrie Group launches 3D veal cuts book

VanDrie Group: the first meat producer worldwide to launch a 3D veal cuts book with augmented reality technology

Veal is versatile, just like the many different names that are used for cuts of meat. A “Newport Steak”, “Santa Maria Steak”, or “Triangle Tip”, all these names refer to the same cut of beef: the tri-tip. Add to this the fact that communication takes place in many different languages, and you have the perfect recipe for misunderstandings. People may mean the same thing, but describe it differently. Sometimes, it may even be that the same word is used for a different cut of meat!

Korstiaan Mulderij (Managing Director Veal Promotion Foundation) feels that it is very important to give customers the right support: “The veal cuts book has been the answer to these problems for a while now. The book includes pictures of many different cuts of various meat parts with a name and code. It is this code that helps prevent miscommunication during contact with our customers, and to deliver custom work to customers.”

The VanDrie Group would even like to go a step further. Korstiaan: “Our ambition is to strengthen our market position and improve the reputation of our delicious veal products worldwide. Moreover, innovation is at the heart of our organisation.”

It all adds up: ambition + innovation = novelty. VanDrie Group’s novelty this time?

“We are the first meat producer worldwide to launch a 3D veal cuts book. With augmented reality technology (AR), we want to help our customers gain a better understanding of everything we produce.  It’s great to be ahead of the curve. This is how we stay relevant to our customers and create maximum added value.”

In the 3D veal cuts book, you can see the different cuts of meat from different angles. Any customer specifications can easily be made clear using the images. “This is how we provide more insight and it allows us to satisfy our customer needs even better. We think this is very important, especially now that it is difficult to come into close contact with our international customers,” says Korstiaan Mulderij.

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