Dutch veal marketed in China

Official opening celebrated with Dutch Veal Event. The opening of the Chinese market for Dutch veal was celebrated with a Dutch Veal Event in Beijing on 17 April. The VanDrie Group organised this event in cooperation with the Dutch Embassy in China and the Dutch meat sector organisation Centrale Organisatie voor de Vleessector (COV).

In October 2018 the VanDrie Group was the first European veal producer to receive approval to export veal products to China. 2019 is therefore the year in which the VanDrie Group can increase familiarity with veal as a product in that country. Dutch veal products are now available in Beijing and Shanghai. The sales channels are retail and food service. In addition to business partners of the VanDrie Group, representatives of the Chinese government and administrators of the Chinese Meat Association (CMA) also attended the event. Marijke Everts (Director Corporate Affairs VanDrie Group) states that the Dutch Veal Event marks the start of the further development of the VanDrie Group’s position on the Chinese market: ‘Our starting point is creating maximum customer value. We believe in long-term partnerships. That is why, together with our Chinese partners, we have adopted a specific strategy to put veal on the map.’ Veal is an unknown product in Chinese cuisine. Consumers also have strict requirements relating to food as a result of various food scandals in China. The VanDrie Group indicated that it can work with those market conditions. Everts: ‘We are introducing veal from European cuisine and are showing that the product is perfectly suited to local eating habits and preparation methods. Veal is ideal for use in dishes such as hot pot, noodle soup and stews. Furthermore, Dutch veal meets the requirements of Chinese consumers in terms of food safety, tracking & tracing and flavour. We are now gradually building up veal sales in China. Our customers are enthusiastic.’

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