Frequently asked questions

Does T. Boer & zn deliver veal in standard cuts?

Not only that, we also deliver veal according to your quality, cut and packaging specifications.

Where do you store your frozen veal?

We have our own cold storage warehouse so that frozen veal does not have to leave our chain.

Can I also learn a trade at T. Boer & zn?

Certainly. We train “on the job”, provide courses and, with SVO, we start up an internal apprenticeship training programme (BBL) every year. In 2001, we were even proclaimed the best in-house training centre in the meat industry.

What quality systems does T. Boer & zn utilise?

We have, among others, GMP, SKV, IKB, NEN-ISO 9001-2000, HACCP, BRC and IFS. We are of course an integral part of Safety Guard, the quality and food safety programme of VanDrie Group.

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