Specialists in veal

Slaughterhouse T. Boer & zn is a worldwide operating, leading exporter of SKV-quality guaranteed veal. From our own slaughtering and processing facilities we supply wholesale businesses, retail, catering establishments, industry and the hotel and catering sector.

With more than one hundred year's experience employing traditional professional skills we slaughter and process some 8,000 calves per week, 7,000 of those are milkfed and 1.000 vitender calves.

Royal Warrant Holder T. Boer & zn is an independent member of the VanDrie Group: the world's largest integrated calf group with complementary sectors: calf feed, calf husbandry's, veal production and calf skins.

Advantages for retail

Veal also offers many advantages for retail:

  • veal takes advantage of present-day consumer demand for prime quality, healthy and tasty meat which, moreover, is quick and convenient to prepare;
  • veal is highly suitable for the "light" trend;
  • veal is increasingly sold via the supermarket;
  • fresh veal can always and everywhere be supplied;
  • veal complements the assortment;
  • veal means an "upgrade" to the total assortment;
  • veal provides extra turnover with an attractive margin;
  • T. Boer & zn supplies you with precisely those veal products which you  can retail the best. In the cuts and quantities which you require;
  • T. Boer & zn supplies veal of an excellent and consistent quality.
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